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Last year Professor Patrick McGorry stated (as reported by Bianca Hall - The Age) that "Australia is in the grip of a mental health "crisis" that is leading to the unnecessary deaths of thousands".
The rate of depression and suicide are increasing. The cost to the country, businesses, families and individuals is enormous.

Mental health is of vital importance to our existence, to our lives. Yet we spend far more on other areas of our lives. Areas such as entertainment, drugs, alcohol and other items which numb the pain.
Have you thought about your mental health lately?

Please start.

Your mental health is worth the investment.

Why Counselling?

Each day we encounter change, conflict (both external and internal), emotions and unexpected situations. At times we all need some support and assistance to deal with challenges that face us, whether the challenges are personal or business or a combination of both.

Counselling is a short-term service that assists you in working out the problems or issues with the help of a qualified and trained professional. Counselling empowers you to develop strategies, increase self-awareness and explore options and solutions. Leaving you to achieve desired outcomes and living a more fulfilled life.

Services offered to our clients

  • Individual counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Corporate consulting
  • Hypnosis and Past life hypnosis